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Bouquet of tastes: a gift that will be remembered

A bright accent that will add zest and make every event truly special, whether it is a children’s party or a celebration for adults.

Aesthetics and taste in every bouquet

FloriVita Workshop knows how to make your gift unforgettable! Discover our amazing handmade edible bouquets that are guaranteed to be a source of delight and joy. Give not just a bouquet, but a celebration of taste and aesthetics!

Exclusive collection Vita Color

Our collection of edible bouquets is a true palette of tastes and moods! From pastel shades to bright colors, each bouquet is unique and inimitable. Choose a bouquet that will perfectly harmonise with the holiday mood or the recipient’s tastes!

Choose your bouquet color and give a delicious mood from FloriVita!

5 reasons to choose an edible bouquet:

Double pleasure

Combines beauty and taste in one gift; first admiration for beauty, then pleasure in taste.


Causes surprise, joy, and interest in the recipient, which makes such a gift memorable.


Keeps the appearance and freshness much longer, unlike ordinary bouquets, which require special care and quickly wither.


Contains ingredients that can be eaten; there is no need to look for a vase, the bouquet stands on its own.


Suitable for any occasion and for any holiday, regardless of gender and age.

What you get when you give an edible bouquet:

Open the colorful collection from FloriVita and choose a delicious bouquet!

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